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The Exchange: Rebound Edition

The Exchange is a 3-year business growth program designed to help women entrepreneurs scale their businesses. In recent times, WESK recognizes that COVID-19 has significantly impacted small and medium sized businesses and, as a result, pivoted to meet the immediate needs of women entrepreneurs.

The newly redesigned Year One of the program ensures women entrepreneurs are supported during these uncertain times to successfully “rebound” from economic shock.  We did this by diving deep into the specific needs of women entrepreneurs across the province and paired those findings with insightful knowledge, tools and strategies from people who are experts in their respective business domains. Further, we created valuable partnerships so that we can support one another while rebuilding our local economy. The Exchange will be delivered virtually across the province with experts delivering sessions on topics that are current at this time.

Meet: The Exchange – Rebound Edition.

The Exchange will be launched on July 22, 2020 by bringing all applicants together virtually to hear from reputable entrepreneurs in Saskatchewan who will provide guidance on working together to get through these difficult and unknown times.

In September 2020, all applicants will be grouped into cohorts with other women entrepreneurs of similar business size, number of employees and, we believe, similar challenges. These cohorts will be led by a Chair and will meet monthly to discuss how to rebound their businesses.

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To ensure that we are able to make this program as accessible to as many women owned businesses as possible, WESK is pleased to be able to offer the Rebound Edition (2020-2021 intake) of The Exchange at subsidized rates.

For many of you, COVID-19 had adversely shocked your business. We hope you take full advantage of this pricing so that you can rebound your business back to growth.  #ReboundandConquer

Please select the your appropriate rate below based on your past year’s revenue.

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