The Exchange

Buckle your seatbelt. It’s time for your business to takeoff.

The Exchange is the catalyst for women entrepreneurs who are ready to harness their true potential and take their businesses to the next level of growth and profitability. Offered over a three-year term, the heart of the experience begins with a tailor-made “Board”, designed to nourish your courageous spirit and bring out your very best. Boards will consist of 8-12 women entrepreneurs (also known as “Board Members”), who have been carefully selected to exchange knowledge and lessons learned along their business journey. Finally, your Board will have a “Chair” appointed; her wealth of experience as a successful businesswoman, combined with a passion for entrepreneurship, sets the stage for 10 months of enriched learning.

Through dynamic peer learning, coaching calls, retreats, presentations from inspiring and well-seasoned experts, and networking opportunities, each part of this program is crafted to hone your business acumen and entrepreneurial nerve. While you are investing in your own personal growth and supporting other women owned business in your Board, you will also be positively impacting the gender gap that currently exists in the Canadian entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Applications are now closed.

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Monthly Topics
September 2021Inspirations: Nurturing the CEO Within
October 2021The Big Picture: Working ON Your Business
November 2021Measuring Business Performance
December 2021Investing in One’s Self
January 2022Digital Market: Global is the New Frontier
February 2022*Topic 1: Productivity and Time Management
Topic 2: The People Pivot: How to Move from Individuals to a Team
March 2022Digitization Unleashed
April 2022Market Access: Beyond your Backyard
May 2022Pursue Financing for Growth and Scale
June 2022Reflections: Mastering Your Journey
Topics are subject to change.
* This month has 2 topics, depending on cohort.
Board Meetings

The program will be delivered through monthly 3-hour virtual sessions or “Board Meetings” starting in September 2021. Your Board will engage you through an exchange of stories where you share as much of your own success and strife as you are comfortable with. An expert may be invited to a session to present on that month’s topic with the opportunity for Q & A. Your Board Chair will lead roundtable and accountability discussions to help you get the most from your experience in The Exchange.

Coaching Calls

As a Board Member, you will be exposed to many topics and learning opportunities; some of which you would want to apply to your business sooner than later. To support you in mobilizing those ideas, one experience that The Exchange offers is monthly coaching calls. These 20 to 30-minute private conversations are 1:1 between you and your Chair. Think of them as a safe place to exchange what’s working, what’s not working and discuss what next steps you are thinking about taking. Leveraging your Chair’s expertise, these highly valuable working sessions focus exclusively on your business and are meant to provide immediate impact. Be sure to take advantage of these crucial conversations.

Exchange Meets (Virtual Networking Event)

We understand that building your network is as important as the knowledge you gain throughout the program. For this reason, we have introduced a networking component called “Exchange Meets” where you do precisely that: meet. While scheduled but not structured, enjoy virtual coffee meet ups in a relaxed atmosphere with fellow business owners who share the same zest for entrepreneurship as you do. We hope and genuinely believe that some of these new business relationships with other Board Members could last a lifetime. Exchange Meets is optional but highly encouraged and takes place virtually once a month (date and time to be determined).


In consideration of all the features and benefits that defines The Exchange, we feel you will find substantial value in the program. Participants have the option to join either as members or non-members, however, we highly recommend the member option both in terms of the investment and to experience more of what WESK can offer. The investment structure is based on your annual business revenue at the time of applying.

Business RevenueMembership InvestmentNon-Member Investment
Less than $100,000$224 + GST
($99 + $125 Trailblazer Membership Package)
$299 + GST
$100,000 – $250,000$324 + GST
($199 + $125 Trailblazer Membership Package)
$399 + GST
$250,000 – $1,000,000$375 + GST
($375 Changemaker Membership Package)
$499 + GST
$1M+$375 + GST
($375 Changemaker Membership Package)
$599 + GST
Indigenous$0 + Trailblazer Membership Package
(Subsidized by the WESK Matchstick program)
$299 + GST
Pricing is per applicant.
Virtual Retreats

Infused into the program are retreats designed to inspire your journey and bring you a feeling of connection to other Exchange Board Members and the WESK Community. You will hear from keynote speakers who share stories of perseverance in how they built their businesses as well as what challenges they are facing now and into the future. With riveting programming that’s sure to keep you engaged, your knowledge as an entrepreneur will be strengthen with real life case studies unmatched by any simulation.

The Exchange Manifesto

The Exchange is aptly named because it’s a place to exchange knowledge.
It was designed for women entrepreneurs to feel comfortable in exchanging their stories.
By exchanging our stories, we learn and grow from each other’s success and strife.
We exchange solutions to problems we may not yet have encountered.
We also exchange problems with what we thought were solutions that didn’t work out.
When we exchange, we can feel exposed, nervous, and maybe vulnerable.
If you do feel that way, you are doing something right.
It is then and only then that The Exchange gets it power.
The same way you will learn from another woman’s experience, she will receive wisdom from you.
That exchange is rarely as powerful as when shared through real experience.
No textbook can replace that.
So bring your experiences. All of them.
Together, we will exchange success.
All because you said yes to exchanging your story.

Meet our Chairs

Meet the year 1 Exchange Board Chairs! Utilizing their experience and passion for entrepreneurship, these established and successful women entrepreneurs have been selected to guide and coach our Exchange Board Members (participants) through their rebound journey.

In year two, each Board Chair will lead their assigned cohort of 8 – 12 women entrepreneurs, grouped by revenue range, as they navigate through the program. The Board Chair will provide insight and guidance to each cohort Board Member by facilitating monthly sessions and through 1-on-1 coaching calls each month. Check back soon for more information on our Chairs for Year 2.

Heather Adams

Co-Founder and CEO, Rock & Bloom

Janet Lee

President, The Story Co.

Candyce Fiessel

Serial Entrepreneur

Karri Howlett

President, Karri Howlett Consulting Inc.

Alicia Soulier

Founder & CEO, SalonScale

Christine Hrudka

Pharmacy Owner

Devon Fiddler

Founder, SheNative Goods


If you have questions about The Exchange, contact us.

Cara Cote
The Exchange Program Coordinator
(306) 477-6287