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The Exchange

The Exchange by WESK is a business program developed to drive profitability for female entrepreneurs through access to experts and a trusted network of advisors. Accepted members gain access to expert speakers as well as targeted time in a small group spent on their goals and challenges for their business.

Unlike a conference where knowledge learned is difficult to apply, learning is applied month over month to ensure progression and accountability so that members can see noted results. Your fellow Board Members become your personal board of advisors, gaining deep understanding of your challenges, helping to guide you and you to guide them.

Through dynamic peer learning, presentations from intriguing and well-seasoned experts, and networking opportunities, our Exchange Board Members will come together to significantly impact the gender gap that currently exists in the Canadian entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Program Description

The program will be offered over a 3 year term— Exchange Members will have the option to sign up for Year 1 then renew after that to continue the program. The Exchange program will focus on equipping women entrepreneurs with tools to grow their business to the next level. The program will group members into boards to help them develop as business owners through skills development; mentorship and advisory support; and networking and relationship building.

Exchange Board meetings occur monthly, excluding July and August, and will alternate between in person full day meetings and teleconference meetings with the board. Within these 10 meetings, there will be two full day retreats planned for all boards to attend, allowing for cross-group networking and relationship building.

Is The Exchange Right For You?

Exchange Board Members will be women who identify themselves as entrepreneurs who are ready to scale. Typically, the traits of these women entrepreneurs will include:

  • they own at least 50% of the business or act as the primary decision maker in the business;
  • they have been in business for approximately 3 – 5 years with trajectory profit and growth; and,
  • they have intentions of scaling and increasing their profit.

Potential members will be evaluated on a case by case basis using an established criteria matrix. Those who come to the program with a compelling entrepreneurial story will be considered outside of the typical traits listed above so long as they are considered a fit both in terms of benefiting from the program content and contributing in a positive and unique way to their board


The Exchange is a three-year program that was scheduled to launch on May 21st, 2020. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, The Exchange has been postponed until the fall of 2020.

This program was made possible through funding received from the The Government of Canada as part of the creation of the Women Entrepreneurship Fund and Women Entrepreneurship Strategy Ecosystem Fund. To read the full press release about this announcement, click here.

Upcoming Information Sessions

Postponed until further notice.

We are currently recruiting for the $250,000 – $1M and the $1M+ boards, apply TODAY!

Upcoming Events

The wait is over, more information on The Exchange is finally here! Information sessions are happening in both Regina and Saskatoon this March – RSVP today!

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