Heather Adams (Chair)

Heather Adams, Co-founder and CEO, Rock & Bloom

Heather Adams co-founded Rock & Bloom to assist businesses in achieving their goals. Between your business and your customers exists your brand, and that’s where Rock & Bloom comes in. Heather is the visionary force behind Rock & Bloom, a brand agency known for creating killer brands.

Tenacious, innovative, creative, Heather’s wealth of project management and business strategy comes from 15+ years in marketing, communications, and digital strategy. With a singular vision of leading clients through continual success, she has become the secret weapon of many business owners. Her entrepreneurial spirit makes her the perfect partner, anticipating opportunities and challenges through unforeseen territory. She uses her business acumen, design eye, and customer-centric approach to provide value for clients and their customers alike. Her integrity in all projects — from the local store on the corner to multinational brands —
coupled with intuitive ingenuity have made Rock & Bloom Saskatchewan’s most all-encompassing brand agency. Rock & Bloom’s client roster spans across North America —from startups raising funds, to sole proprietors building a brand synonymous with their values, to large enterprises finding and sharing their unique story.

Heather takes great pride in the team that she has built at Rock & Bloom and gains energy from watching others grow and achieve new milestones. The culture that has developed at Rock & Bloom is one of collaboration and autonomy, form and function, trusted process and unbridled creativity. Listening is one of Heather’s greatest strengths and her clients often are blown away by her ability to truly hear them and clearly articulate their challenges and goals. As Chair for WESK’s The Exchange, Heather is excited to lend her ear and her experiences to help female entrepreneurs hit that next level.