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The Exchange Manifesto

The Exchange is aptly named because it’s a place to exchange knowledge.

It was designed for women entrepreneurs to feel comfortable in exchanging their stories.

By exchanging our stories, we learn and grow from each other’s success and strife.

We exchange solutions to problems we may not yet have encountered.

We also exchange problems with what we thought were solutions that didn’t work out.

When we exchange, we can feel exposed, nervous, and maybe vulnerable.

If you do feel that way, you are doing something right.

It is then and only then that The Exchange gets it power.

The same way you will learn from another woman’s experience, she will receive wisdom from you.

That exchange is rarely as powerful as when shared through real experience.

No textbook can replace that.

So bring your experiences. All of them.

Together, we will exchange success.

All because you said yes to exchanging your story.


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