Group mentoring is a cornerstone of the WESK brand. Believing we are all stronger together we provide opportunities at every level of business to learn from each other recognizing the vast knowledge, support, and perspective that our members can offer each other.

What is the business mentoring program?

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Top 8 reasons to be part of a mentoring group:

  1. Focus on your strategic business goals
  2. Make better decisions
  3. Stay on track
  4. Align your personal and professional goals
  5. Learn and teach
  6. Get new ideas
  7. Grow personally and professionally
  8. Be part of an objective board of advisors


Raj Manek Business Mentorship Program
is in the process of recruiting entrepreneurs and business owners throughout Saskatchewan to apply to become a Protege. Your business may be newly established, experiencing rapid growth, or facing challenges and this program will give you the opportunity to seek guidance from a seasoned business owner or senior executive. For more information visit

Interested in joining a mentorship program? Chat with your WESK Business Advisor today.