Adrienne Ivey

Adrienne Ivey is passionate about agriculture and rural living. Growing up on a family grain farm in North East Saskatchewan, and then gaining a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture degree from the University of Saskatchewan, farming is in Adrienne’s bones. After working for many years for small, independent agricultural companies, Adrienne saw the growing demands of her own farm business and made the decision to use her experience to further the exponential growth of her farm and ranch. Adrienne ranches near Ituna, Saskatchewan with her husband and two children. Through her blog, View From The Ranch Porch, as well as social media and speaking opportunities such as her TEDx Talk, Adrienne is committed to sharing the story of modern agriculture with the people eating the food that Saskatchewan farmers are producing. Having worked with small agricultural businesses as well as starting her own farming operation, Adrienne understands the issues facing rural and remote female entrepreneurs and is eager to be a part of finding the solutions to those roadblocks.