Christine Hrudka

Christine is a graduate of the University of Saskatchewan. She currently is an owner of Pharmacy First on 8th and Pharmacy First at Lifebridge. Previous to this, Christine was a Shoppers Drug Mart franchise owner for 16 years in both Regina and Saskatoon. Christine served and chaired the Pharmacy Economics Committee for 5 years. She served on the Saskatchewan College of Pharmacy Council for 3 years and was President in 2010. Christine serves on the PAS Board currently and  chaired for 2 years. Christine is the appointed PAS representative on the Canadian Pharmacists Association board. She has volunteered for many community boards such as SREDA, YWCA, United Way and WESK. Christine lives in Saskatoon with her husband Gordon Wyant.

Q&A with Christine Hrudka:

Q: Why did you choose to be a member of the Saskatchewan Advisory Committee?

A: I choose to be a member of this committee because the topic of women and business is one I have much passion for.  This committee will pave a road for women to have opportunities to grow and expand their businesses. This means job growth for our province and prosperity.    

I know first hand the unique challenges women face and being part of this committee I hope to break down the barriers that women face.   

Q: What do you hope to accomplish with the Influencing Policy subcommittee?

A: Policy is so important as it’s the enabler of a process. The Influencing Policy Sub Committee met to discuss policy changes that could support women scale their business.  It was a creative and innovative discussion.  While there are many areas in which policy changes can influence and impact women entrepreneurs ability to scale, we also want to ensure we are focusing on realistic and implementable changes

Q: What about yourself do you feel comfortable sharing?

A: I am a pharmacist entrepreneur with a career of owning pharmacies. I also am the Chair of the Canadian Pharmacists Association where a passion of mine is women in pharmacy leadership. I want to make a difference in the lives of women.   

When I’m not doing these things I enjoy traveling the world and experiencing different cultures and food.    However my fav place still is in my backyard on a beautiful summer day in Saskatchewan.   

I love our Saskatchewan culture of community. It makes us special.