Official Saskatchewan Women-Owned Business

Is your local Saskatchewan business majority-woman owned? WESK invites you to join the movement and proudly and loudly identify as a local woman-owned business! The Woman-Owned Saskatchewan Business brand identity serves as a catalyst to inspire and empower women entrepreneurs to celebrate their achievements.

This brand identity includes two components,

  • For majority women-owned businesses, we’ve created the “Woman-Owned Saskatchewan Business” badge to inspire and empower women entrepreneurs to celebrate themselves and their achievements.
  • For organizations or businesses that are not majority women-owned, the “Supporter of Women-Owned Saskatchewan Businesses” was created to allow advocates of women entrepreneurs to show their support with pride and dedication!


  • Business must be owned and operated in Saskatchewan
  • Business must be majority woman-owned (51%+)
  • Majority of operating decisions must be made by woman-owner (51+%)

*If you aren’t quite majority woman-owned, exceptions are typically provided if the woman owner can attest to making the majority of business decisions. Please complete the application so we can review your situation in greater detail. Questions? Contact us.

Background Information

In May 2019, the Government of Saskatchewan announced the creation of the WESK-led Saskatchewan Advisory Committee on the Gender Entrepreneurship Gap. In July of 2020, the Committee concluded their work with the release of their final report “Enabling Scale in Saskatchewan”. The report includes 10 recommendations, one of which was to develop and launch a brand identity that celebrated and showcased women-owned businesses in Saskatchewan.

What’s Next?

Click below to apply to be an Official Woman-Owned Business. Once your application has been reviewed, you will:

  • Receive the Woman-Owned Saskatchewan Business brand identity (digital badge, social template, etc.)
  • Be eligible to be listed in our Woman-Owned Saskatchewan Business Database
  • Have the opportunity for your business to be featured on WESK’s social media channels

We encourage you to share your customizable image across your social platforms, and add the woman-owned business logo to your website to make it easy to identify the woman-owned businesses in our province. Be sure to tag us (@WESK306) in your posts!

Are you ready to be a part of this exciting initiative?

*Not a majority woman-owned business, but still want to support the cause? Click here to learn how to become an Official Supporter of Women-Owned Saskatchewan Businesses!