Burnout and Living a Life on Purpose, with Purpose

Guest post by Adrianne Vangool, Owner & Director, Vangool Wellness Burnout is more than just a lack of self-care. It is the cumulative effects of all the times that we say “Yes”, when we mean “No”; and the collection of unprocessed stressors that live within our being. It is the neurophysiological expression of exhaustion. It […]

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Commercial Real Estate Slang

Guest post by Kelly Macsymic, Sales Associate, ICR Commercial Real Estate Like most industries, there is specific commercial real estate lingo that we use every day that may not be immediately evident to clients. Here’s a few I use nearly every day that I’ve had clients look for clarification on. Op Costs This is an […]

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10 Myths about Intercultural Competence Development

Guest post by Angeline S. Chia, Intercultural Development Consultant I have been working for several years to help professionals build intercultural competence. During that time, I have also met people who shared their reservations about intercultural competence training with me and, due to those reservations, they were reluctant to get involved. After having heard those […]

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