Speaker Highlight: Traci Deck, Blair French, and Paige UnRuh

Left to Right: Traci Deck, Blair French, Paige UnRuh


Blair French, Director of Strategy

Blair is a professional troublemaker. Over the last 20 years, he has mastered the art of challenging existing norms and preconceived notions of how things should work to develop strategies that actually work. His approach to strategy considers best practices from a wide range of industries. He keeps an eye out for ground-breaking work, digging into what makes it successful and transferring those elements to his clients’ in unexpected and wonderful ways. He has previously worked brands such as Fairmont, Intraline, Le Labo, Addidas and InputHealth where he supported them in brand, strategic and creative development.

Traci Deck, Associate Creative Director

Supportive, passionate, and thoughtful, Traci leads by example, inspiring those around her. Prior to joining lmno team, she was assistant creative director at Rawlco, a position that gave her the skills to take the lead and the experience to buckle down and do the work. Traci has worked with most of LMNO’s clients, from SaskWater and Saskatchewan Blue Cross to S.O. Asher Consultants and SaskTel. Whether writing, performing voiceover, or mentoring staff, everything Traci puts her hands on or lends her vocals to is left with a trace of her contagious energy, caring, and scrupulous spirit.

Paige UnRuh, Senior Account Manager

If you’re looking to meet a passionate person, let us introduce you to Paige. Passion is her middle name (seriously, we made her change it from Gail). With her boundless energy and enthusiasm, Paige ensures success for her clients by concocting a specialized blend of email, digital and data driven marketing techniques to keep them on top. She brings years of experience, honed and fine-tuned over her 6 years with LMNO and abroad where she worked on clients such as Disney and Coca-Cola. Today she brings her wealth of knowledge to clients like the Princess Margaret Home Lottery (Toronto) and Mighty Millions Raffle (Denver).

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