The Exchange – starting in May 2020!

Is the Exchange right for you?

Are you a female entrepreneur looking to scale your business? Then the Exchange is right for you! We are looking for driven entrepreneurs that are ready to take the leap towards increased profit and personal growth. Don’t be apologetic for your success, The Exchange will elevate your business success and growth.

What is The Exchange?

The Exchange is a springboard for women entrepreneurs that are ready to harness their true potential and leverage their business to the next level of growth and profitability. Members of The Exchange are unapologetic for their success and unafraid to take the leap toward increased profit and personal growth. Through dynamic peer learning, presentations from intriguing and well-seasoned experts, and networking opportunities, our participants will come together to significantly impact the gender gap that currently exists in the Canadian entrepreneurship ecosystem.

The Exchange by WESK is a business program developed to drive profitability for female entrepreneurs through access to experts and a trusted network of advisors.

Offered over a three-year term, beginning in May 2020. The program will group participants into cohorts to help them develop as business owners through skills development; mentorship and advisory support; and, networking and relationship building.

Facilitated and lead by a cohort chair, the meetings will take place each month (excluding July and August) alternating between a full day meeting and a 3-hour teleconference (some exceptions apply). Cohorts will each meet separately, depending on revenue streams. The yearly timeline will include 2 retreats that are planned for all cohorts to attend, allowing for cross-group networking and relationship building. The program includes 6 cohorts based on size of business.

Why is The Exchange important?

The Exchange is important to support women scale up their businesses in Saskatchewan to boost economic growth. There is strong evidence that women owned businesses do not scale up to the same capacity as men owned businesses.

Male owned businesses are 3.5x more likely to reach a million in revenue.

While men and women start businesses at the same time, women do not scale their businesses to the same extent

This program was made possible through funding received from The Government of Canada as part of the creation of the Women Entrepreneurship Fund and Women Entrepreneurship Strategy Ecosystem Fund. To read the full press release about this announcement, click here.

How do I join The Exchange?

WESK will be offering several platforms to apply for The Exchange program.

We will be offering recruitment sessions with more information such as session dates, objectives, program overview, etc. You will also be able to apply at these sessions to be apart of The Exchange.

108 – 502 Cope Way, Saskatoon (WESK Office)

  • March 2 from 6PM – 8 PM
  • March 3 from 11AM – 1PM  

PATH Cowork 200 – 1965 Broad Street, Regina (WESK Office)

  • March 5 from 6PM – 8PM
  • March 6 from 11AM – 1PM

Please visit or our Facebook Events page for the most up to date information on the information sessions.

If this sounds like a program that would benefit you and your business, please visit  to apply. Applications will be accepted until Friday, April 17, 2020.

Please contact Brittany Scott, Project Coordinator at or 306-359-9732 Ext. 3 for questions and additional information.

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