Becoming Inclusive Leaders

What does it mean to be inclusive? How does it affect my business reputation and/or success? Is it necessary to consider inclusivity when I’m either a solopreneur or a small business owner? This will be a conversation about becoming inclusive leaders in our business, with our clients, in our community. It’s a dialogue of progress, growth, and evolution. There’s always room for change, shifts, and adjustments. Would you like to join me in this positive-outlook conversation?


• Self-introspective examination of leadership inclusive-openness
• Willingness to continue the conversation
• Broader understanding of the small steps that lead to inclusion
• Challenge towards intentional diversity and inclusion initiatives

Jacqueline Almeida
Dynamic Leadership Educator | Owner of Alpha + Omega Strategies.


Jacqueline Almeida is a dynamic leadership educator and coach in Saskatoon, SK. She is the owner of Alpha + Omega Strategies and works with entrepreneurs and organizations to develop and strengthen their leadership capacity, enhance employee engagement, lessen employee resistance to change, and create business clarity, focus, and alignment.