Top 5 Tips: Marketing Your Business Using Social Media

Top 5 Tips: Marketing Your Business Using Social Media

It’s never been more important to ensure your business is where your customers are… online. Social media and digital marketing provide cost-effective, highly targeted, measurable opportunities to engage your audience and promote your business. Let’s talk about how you can:

  • get in front of an audience that is online now more than ever
  • plan and schedule great content
  • achieve strong imagery and visuals
  • write in a way that captures attention
  • grow your audience to help meet your business objectives

Get out your notepad—you’ll want to remember these tips!

Travis Low. CEO and Partner at Blue Moose Media


Travis is the CEO and Partner at Blue Moose Media, a digital marketing and social media agency in Saskatoon. He leads business development, sales, organizational strategy, and is part of the team that facilitates training and consulting sessions with clients. The founder and Chair of the Lows in Motion Parkinsons “Shaker”, which raised $650,000 over 10 years, Travis learned first-hand the value of social media and digital marketing in building awareness, growing an audience, and compelling them to act.

Launched in 2016, Blue Moose Media focuses on helping Saskatchewan businesses build an engaging online presence that turns goals into results. Through training and consulting, clients learn the tools and strategies needed to thrive in the social and digital space. While the Blue Moose team loves to share their expertise, they are equally as passionate about empowering other businesses to do it for themselves.