Derrick Swanson

Founder & President, OpenSail Digital Agency

About Derrick

Derrick Swanson is the founder and president of OpenSail Digital Agency. Having previously owned and operated a chain of pizzerias, Derrick’s first successful digital marketing campaign was his own. When industry best practices fell short of helping him achieve his goals, he threw himself in the deep end and developed his own, honing his skills over 15 years, bringing himself and his team to where they are today.

Since founding OpenSail in 2014, Derrick has made it his mission to assemble a team of only the best digital marketers the world has to offer – recruiting only those who have what it takes to constantly compete and thrive in marketplaces across the globe on his clients’ behalves. Derrick is committed to fostering a company culture and in-house standard of excellence, which leads his team to success after success for their clients. As a result of their dedication to excellence, Derrick and his team have helped amazing companies expand and scale their operations across Canada, North America, and into Europe.

When he’s not in the office, Derrick can be found unwinding by spending time in the park with his wife and their two young children.

About OpenSail Digital Agency

OpenSail is a full-service digital marketing agency managing millions of dollars in marketing spend for companies across Canada and the globe. Their team is a group of experts in everything digital, from website optimization, to videography, to social media advertising. They don’t believe in “one-size-fits-all” approaches; the solutions they offer and strategies they develop and implement are as unique as your business. Your business deserves to be taken to the next level, and OpenSail has the knowledge and experience necessary to get you there!