Grant Wilson

Assistant Professor of Marketing at Hill Levene Schools of Business

About Grant

Dr. Grant A. Wilson is an Assistant Professor of Marketing at the Hill & Levene Schools of Business, University of Regina. Dr. Wilson’s research focuses on marketing, business strategy, innovation management, and organizational learning from failure. He has published in top entrepreneurship and innovation journals including the Journal of Small Business Management and Research-Technology Management. His research has been featured by The World Economic Forum and in The National Post. He also co-authored a textbook titled Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Technology Management. In addition to his teaching and research, Dr. Wilson is a professional strategy and management consultant.

About Hill Levene Schools of Business

Home to their undergraduate programs, the Paul J. Hill School of Business is proud to maintain a formidable reputation for excellence in student achievement. Their graduates’ ability to think across all business functions is unparalleled, and they are highly regarded for their student-led community services and charitable activities. The Paul J. Hill School of Business promotes experiential as well as academic learning, and they encourage all of their students to enhance their education by taking advantage of numerous opportunities.

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