Hannah Castle

Program Manager, Cultivator powered by Conexus

About Hannah

Hannah is a passionate leader and has been working with technology startups for the past three years as the Program Manager with Cultivator powered by Conexus. She leads and develops program initiatives for high growth tech startups by fostering founder, mentor and eco-system relationships. With a founder-first mentality, Hannah works to build programs that can help them take their idea to scale and has helped to incubate over 100+ companies. With a background in retail, technology & business, Hannah has established herself as a dynamic leader in the SK startup community. In 2021, Hannah received the SYPE Young Professional of the Year award and had the opportunity to represent Cultivator at events across the prairies.

About Cultivator

Powered by Conexus Credit Union, we’re Canada’s first credit union-led business incubator, located in Regina, Saskatchewan, designed to launch, grow, and scale innovative Saskatchewan tech companies.

We believe the prairies are home to some of the world’s most resilient founders. With a founder-first mandate, we’re here to support them and prove Saskatchewan isn’t just the place to be from, but the place to be.