Mubarka Butt

Founder & CEO of BoardBe; Principal of HireProfile Consulting

About Mubarka

Mubarka is an experienced people and corporate strategist, activist and founder recognized as one of the most prominent voices advocating for gender and racial diversity, and equality of opportunity in leadership positions. With a background in people strategies, strategic planning and corporate governance, her experience spans across several industries including, transportation & logistics, municipal government, events & entertainment and numerous non-profit causes.

As a woman of colour, Mubarka overcame daunting barriers to earn her seat at the C-Suite table as Chief Strategy and People Officer. Since parting ways from her corporate role, she has established a successful consulting practice (HireProfile Consulting) to support boards on improving performance and enhancing good governance. Mubarka is passionate about helping adopt change leadership strategies to create a diverse and inclusive board of directors – one that is representative of its stakeholders. Her background in talent management, coupled with her cause to help boards become more accessible, compelled her to find a solution for this problem. This gave birth to BoardBe. BoardBe connects boards to the most qualified professionals, enabling fair access to “board-ready” leaders.

In addition to her BBA, Mubarka holds her GPC.D (Governance Professionals of Canada Designation) and SPHRi (Senior Professional in Human Resources – International) designation. A sought-after speaker and a prominent voice for diversity, equity and inclusion at the leadership level, Mubarka has been invited to sit on national and global panels and speak at conferences to share the value proposition of power sharing at the board table.

About BoardBe

BoardBe provides a search platform to browse board vacancies for qualified candidates who want to accelerate their leadership skills by serving on a Board of Directors. Founded with a passion to create accessibility to Board positions, BoardBe connects boards to qualified candidates, allowing them to get noticed by boards for causes of significant social impact. You have a cause, but not sure you are ready to take on a board position? BoardBe works with candidates to align them to their causes through board-readiness training, board biography writing and interview coaching. BoardBe raises the bar on diverse and inclusive leadership at the board table by creating equal and fair access for a diverse pool of candidates, giving boards a way to expand their search through the use of our innovative technology platform.

About HireProfile Consulting

As a boutique consulting firm, HireProfile Consulting has been acknowledged as Leaders in Board Governance for 2022. Pursuing the development and improvement of good governance practices, HireProfile acts as trusted advisors who aid numerous Boards and CEOs in meeting their mandates, rethinking governance processes, and improving board performance. Located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, HireProfile Consulting focuses on providing training, support and tools to Boards and CEOs to enable stellar board performance. Mainly connected to mid-size, large-for-profit, not-for-profit and crown sectors, they implement ‘best in class’ policies and practical solutions to influence the board culture and keep the conversation in the boardroom focused on the board’s role as an overseer.