WESK Summit Gala Awards Details

General Eligibility Requirements

Nominations are open until March 15, 2021. Once nomination forms are received, successful nominees will be contacted and an applications package will be sent. You may nominate yourself or another individual.

  • Business must be majority woman-owned (or in a majority-women led partnership)
  • Have operated in Saskatchewan for a minimum of three years (excluding the Innovation Award)
  • Be operating in Saskatchewan and continue to do so at the time of the awards presentation
  • The business must demonstrate financial viability and sound potential for growth
  • Not have won in the same category in the past year
  • Not have anyone in your management, on your board, or in your employ serving on the WESK Summit Awards judging committee for this category

Awards Categories & Specific Requirements

Community Involvement Award

This award is presented to the Saskatchewan woman entrepreneur that has been a leader in creating ways of conducting business that have a positive impact on the community. She has shown evidence of clearly expressed and widely communicated strategy, focusing on actions which demonstrate a responsibility to enhance the social and natural environments in which they operate. She truly looks out for the triple bottom line – people, profits, planet.

Category Specific Eligibility Requirements
  • The recipient will enhance the quality of life for the community and attract people to the area
  • Promote and add vibrancy to the well-being, health and development of the community
  • Demonstrate attraction and retention of volunteers and/or staff participation
  • Showcase the region through marketing and community events, and or programs
  • Promote cultural activities, tourism and/or sporting events

Indigenous Entrepreneur Award

This award is presented to the Indigenous Saskatchewan woman entrepreneur, which through a strong business concept shows plans for future growth and viability over the long term. Additionally, she demonstrates a strong understanding of her market and competitors and has a long-term commitment to the community.

Category Specific Eligibility Requirements
  • Business must be woman-owned and Indigenous-owned
  • Demonstrate innovation in some or all of the following: Research & Development, Company Growth, Products & Services, Creative Business Initiatives, Sales & Marketing, Community Service

Innovation Award

This award presented to the Saskatchewan woman entrepreneur who is pushing conventional boundaries. She is disrupting and reshaping her industry through ground-breaking achievements in bringing innovation to market.

Category Specific Eligibility Requirements
  • Nominees must have been in operation for a minimum of 12 months
  • Exemplifies successful innovation
  • Demonstrates vision in the development of new technologies, products, and/or services
  • Demonstrates the ability to take risks

Resilience Award

This award is presented to the Saskatchewan woman entrepreneur who has shown strength and determination during COVID-19. She has shown an ability to pivot in response to unexpected and difficult challenges brought about by the pandemic, while continuing to maintain strong business operations.

Category Specific Eligibility Requirements
  • Exemplified resilience through COVID-19
  • Demonstrated an ability to address issues brought about by the pandemic by adapting her business model or shifting the way she does business
  • Experienced some business success through COVID-19 as a result of the adaptations made to her business

Important Dates

Nominations Open: January 25, 2021

Nominations Close: March 15, 2021

Application Deadline: March 22, 2021

WESK Summit Gala: May 19, 2021

Nominations for the 2021 WESK Summit Gala are no longer being accepted.