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About the Business

Abstract offers individuals with ADHD the opportunity to create a life uniquely their own through thought provoking conversation, goal creation and tools and skills based on individual talent and ability.

Kira Hofmeister

When I turned 32 my family doctor referred me to both a psychiatrist and psychologist who diagnosed me with ADHD. This made everything in my life make sense: I AM different; I AM talented, and I AM smart! However, I needed support to learn and grow with my diagnosis and there were no ongoing supports for individuals like me. That’s when I found coaching.

Coaching helped me create tools and strategies to assist me in the areas I found difficult such as time management, procrastination, organization, self confidence. I completed my coaching certification in early 2019, created Abstract Life Coaching in 2020 and recently became a certified organizer. Coaching helped me talk about how I feel, how to achieve my goals, and how to be myself, and I want to support and encourage you to do the same.