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Advanced and Fulfilled Coaching Company

Coaching & Leadership, Consulting

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3105 Mazurak Crescent
Regina, SK S4X 0N2

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Website: www.advancedandfulfilled.com

About the Business

Advanced and Fulfilled Coaching Company is dedicated to helping immigrated professionals navigate the Canadian job market without overwhelm. Our services include resume writing, interview coaching, career counselling and coaching and group coaching/trainings.

Anita Adefuye

A migrated Nigerian-Canadian, Anita understands the role identity plays in career advancement (or its limitation), feeling confident in one’s values while navigating career transition and other related areas such as personal branding and networking. All things she struggled with on arrival to Canada. But she spent years in research, figured out the codes, and has successfully applied the same to her career and that of others.

Anita has spent years helping other racialized professionals who are struggling to figure out their career paths gain clarity, break limiting mindsets, embrace their identity, and teach how to channel that uniqueness to advance their careers. With Anita, YOU are NOT permitted to wake up to a frustrating job each day- career fulfillment is KEY and she shows you how to get that!