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About the Business

Vision: A movement of leaders, worth following Leadership Defined: It is the courage to learn and lead with a heightened awareness of self, context, and others; to investigate those areas inside ourselves, our learning edges, uncovering strengths that we must catalyze, work on and grow; be highly flexible; become personally accountable in discovering what to do in relationship with people so they in turn become the best versions of themselves; and, most importantly, to allow that to interface with all areas of life. Mission: Develop leaders so that they can achieve their vision, grow and have a successful business/company, and move people from where they are to where they can be better. The 6 C’s: We train and coach you to:

  • Strengthen your CREDIBILITY
  • Develop your CHARACTER
  • Build your CONFIDENCE
  • Grow your COMPETENCE
  • Practice your COURAGE
  • Become a CHANGE-MAKER

Jacqueline Almeida

Jacqueline Almeida is a dynamic leadership educator and coach in Saskatoon, SK. She is the owner of Alpha + Omega Strategies and works with entrepreneurs and organizations to develop and strengthen their leadership capacity.     Although born and raised in New York City, Jacqueline has spent the last 27 years living in the beautiful prairies of Saskatchewan. Through her own story of struggle, resilience and triumph – Jacqueline has an unwavering belief that one must know and own their vision to find greater purpose and embark on their journey courageously. To her, that is what leadership is all about. You trailblaze, set the course, make it easier for others to follow along and create the environment for people to move towards a place where they will be better.     Jacqueline holds a Master of Arts in Leadership and Management and draws much from her 25-year experience as a Consultant, Educator, and Coach.