About the Business

Creative Solutions. Stronger Communities.

Arcana Creative is passionate about bringing great design and storytelling solutions to people building stronger communities. We support and amplify the work of folks on the frontlines of social, economic, and environmental issues facing our communities. We work with organizations, individuals, and businesses of all shapes and sizes across North America. Whether we’re managing the brand for Charlie Clark’s mayoral campaign, deigning billboards for Saskatchewan Sexual Health’s Syphilis Awareness campaign, or creating digital solutions for the BC Association of Community Health Centers, our passion and motivation is ignited by purpose-driven clients

Molly Seaton-Fast

Molly is Owner and Creative Director at Arcana Creative, a dynamic studio firmly rooted in community. Molly founded Arcana Creative to support those building a better world. With a background in International Development and Fine Arts, Molly brings a fresh lens to the communications challenges faced by purpose-driven businesses nd organizations. She is keenly able to hold focus on the micro-level problems while zooming out to consider Macro-level problems, and she leaves people feeling a sense of possibility.