About the Business

Axis Imagery Ltd. was born out of my personal need to express myself creatively. My main portfolio as an artist consists of portraits, be we are available for all photography and graphic design needs. Axis Imagery Ltd. Vision has evolved to create further representation of Indigenous females within the digital realm. As Axis Imagery moves forward as a company I have dedicated my focus towards passing my skills onto Indigenous youth.

Alexandra Jarrett

My name is Alexandra, I am a 28 year old female. I was born in Meadow Lake, SK raise on and off of my reserve called Eagles Lake First Nation. If you are looking for my whole story check out my biography.

I appreciate the arts in all forms & I adore the work that goes into creating a photograph. I was gifted my first camera and it helped me overcome barriers I created in myself. I wanted to take pictures for a long time I just didn’t have the means to invest in equipment. My first camera was a Canon Rebel, I started going out and taking pictures as soon as I got it. There are lots of ways to get into photography. I could not have pursued, because my camera was just a “Rebel”. I made a decision that a photographer can take a great photograph with any camera. So, I just started.