About the Business

Fresh and dried fresh flowers, locally grown in Biggar, SK. We offer U-Pick Flowers at the Farm, a Monthly Bouquet Subscription May to September, attend Local Markets and flower small intimate weddings.

Located in the ‘boonies’ north of Biggar, Saskatchewan, we grow specialty cut flowers at Boondock Flower Farm. We are a small scale, seasonal flower farm and we grow our flowers both in the field, and under a limited growing area in a hoophouse (unheated greenhouse). Our flowers are both annuals, perennials, and shrubs that we grow from seed, corms, tubers, roots and bulbs. Our short, Zone 3 growing season in Saskatchewan runs from May to September. In May we will have over 8000 tulips blooming, as well as several hundred daffodils and alliums. In June, after the spring bulbs are done, we have invested heavily in ranunculus and anemones leading us into July, when the other summer annuals begin to bloom. Our garden will be at it’s peak in August and early September- sunflowers, lisianthus, zinnias, dahlias, grasses and so many other flowers you need to see to believe.

Bailey Dueker

My name is Bailey Dueker, and I am the proud owner of Boondock Flower Farm; a small scale, Saskatchewan cut flower farm. I grew up on a farm outside of Biggar, Saskatchewan, only a few miles from where we live now. I’ve always had a green thumb and a love of flowers, and my partner, Shane, has always wanted to be a farmer.  When I became aware that flower farming was actually ‘a thing’, I knew I had found my passion- but I don’t think Shane thought he would end up as ‘flower’ farmer though. Being a flower farmer, florist, mother and small business owner I wear many hats.  I really enjoy the horticultural side of things, starting flowers from seed and tending them all  through the season.  I’ve never taken any advanced schooling (for anything), and have learned what I’ve needed to know about growing along the way. My creativity is free to design and experiment with all the beautiful flowers that we grow.  I love the process of building unique bouquets every week for the farmer’s market and our bouquet subscribers.  Exploring colour, texture and form is exciting to me and I want to keep learning and practicing more advanced floristry techniques for bouquets, arrangements and installations.