About the Business

Cat’s Creamery manufacturers and distributes small batch fresh made ice cream to stores and customers throughout Saskatchewan.

Trisha Berlinic

Cat’s Creamery is a passion project created by me, Trisha Berlinic.

I go by Trish, or often Cat these days, and am a hard working mom of two busy kids, Lexi and Frank.  All my life I have had both a sweet-tooth and a love for the food service industry.  For 15 years, before becoming a mom, I worked pretty much every role you can in a restaurant while taking various accounting and business classes.  After transitioning full-time to the business world after schooling, I soon found I missed the hustle and bustle of the kitchen. A friend jokingly one day mentioned how I should get into the ice cream business as there was a growing demand for locally made ice cream and not enough suppliers in the industry. From that day forth the idea wouldn’t leave my mind and within a few short months things were up and running.

I now get to spend my days happily baking and mixing up creamy concoctions for ice cream fans across Saskatchewan and couldn’t be happier!