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About the Business

We are a service-focused organization that specializes in commercial office cleaning. An independent franchise owned and operated by Tanya & Robert Crichton since 2009 we provide outstanding service and dedication to over 100 clients who have helped us grow to be one of the largest commercial cleaning companies in Saskatoon. Our expert workforce is thoroughly trained to be as efficient as possible. Our workforce is diligent and fast; this translates into cost savings for our clients. Clean Brite Saskatoon has the experience, it has impressive references and, being a franchised organization it has guaranteed technical support from Clean Brite Canada Ltd. based in Regina. Clean Brite is sincerely active in supporting Employment Equity. We provide work closely with organizations such as Regina and Saskatoon Open Door Society, the Chinese Cultural Society of Sask., Quint Saskatoon and other Refugee organizations that are non profit and local to hire potential cleaning personnel that fit our requirements. Lastly, we believe that our success is not just based on our technical expertise but also because of our communication skills. If we do not talk with our clients and cleaners regularly, most problems fester like a bacterial infection. It develops slowly but spreads through the whole system if it is not controlled at the start. With regular site visits by trained supervisors, inspections, and working with our clients, we make sure that your cleaning needs are achieved without too many problems. Our job is to make sure that your facility is clean without wasting your time through complaints and so that your management & staff are not distracted by cleaning issues.

Tanya Crichton

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