About the Business

Deanna Miller Design has been delivering exceptional graphic design to clients for over 15 years. From creative concepts to final execution, Deanna specializes in brand development, logo design, marketing materials, signage and digital graphics. While she has years of agency experience with local, national and international clients, she values a more one-on-one approach, eliminating the middle person, and building a more personal relationship with her clients, exceeding their expectations.

Deanna Miller

Deanna Miller, owner of Deanna Miller Design, has a passion for creativity and over 25 years of experience; her methodology is rooted in a deep commitment to her clients’ unique vision and values. She brings a fresh and innovative approach to every project she undertakes. Her dedication to her craft allows her to create compelling visual experiences that not only capture attention but also drive long-term growth for her clients. Deanna’s extensive background in the field and her proven track record of delivering outstanding results resonate with clients, leaving a lasting impact.