About the Business

def SOL Productions is Saskatchewan’s top resource for Hip Hop and street dance instruction, choreography & knowledge. It began as a “passion project” created by Amanda Murray with the goal of promoting true Hip Hop culture in Saskatoon and area. With the commercial appeal of today’s money driven ‘rap culture’, she saw a need to bring attention back to original Hip Hop culture-based on the 4-Pillars of love, peace, unity and safely having fun.

Starting with a youth camp called ‘Summer Hip Hop School’ in the summer of 2004, def SOL offered interactive classes on the five ‘core elements’ of Hip Hop including: deejaying, bboying, emceeing, graffiti art and beat boxing. While Saskatoon had a well developed musical Hip Hop community (Deejays, Emcees, Producers), there seemed to be a lack of opportunities and events within the dance scene. Building up the local street dance community quickly became the primary mission and vision for the company.

Through over 17 years of education, training and performances, def SOL has greatly improved the level and quality of street dance within the province in addition to creating a higher awareness, respect and appreciation for Hip Hop dance and culture. They continue to offer authentic training opportunities to schools and studios in Saskatoon and area as well as their own weekly classes for ages 5 to adult.

Amanda Murray

Amanda Murray is the owner/director of def SOL Productions, Saskatchewan’s first and only all Hip Hop and Street Dance Company. Since creating the business in 2004,  Amanda has remained a pivotal force in the growth and recognition of Saskatchewan’s street dance scene. With over 20 years of work as an educator and performer, she has paved the way for the next generation of dancers to thrive in addition to creating a greater public awareness of Hip Hop culture and its elements.