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About the Business

Our mission is to empower women and their partners during their new role transition to parenthood to be the best p.ossible support for their baby, family and themselves.
Our services are here to assist mothers, infants, children and families

Janelle Daku

I am the CEO/Founder and Lead Occupational Therapist at Family Foundations Therapy. Our mission is to empower mothers and families to embrace their new role in parenthood to be the best possible support for their baby, family and themselves by providing tools and strategies to address anxiety, stress and feelings of being overwhelmed so that they can embrace their new identity with ease and comfort while being present for their child and family. We are proud to be affiliated with Holistic Physiotherapy & Wellness; we are a collective of women health professionals and businesses who are inspired and passionate about filling the gaps in women’s health. We support and treat the whole person and believe in collaborative care. We truly value our community and what it has to offer for women’s health and family health.