About the Business

Natasha Tokar

I’m Natasha Tokar! I wanted to introduce myself. I am a Mother, Partner, Fur Mom, Leader, Entrepreneur, Teacher and Feminist. I have been in the beauty industry for 7 years growing and building my business @vitalitiplasmalift from the ground up, turning it into a full salon and studio, Grey Sage Studio. I came from a strong female entrepreneur in the beauty industry who I call mom and have learned so much. I have also taken my knowledge and created a lesson plan to teach to other female entrepreneurs, to build their own dreams. I love all things skin and skin care and have devoted my time to helping men and women with all their skin needs. I’m a firm believer in when you look good you feel good but it should not just be for rich, everyone should be able to enjoy these services. I’ve had many women tell me they are so grateful that there’s a space they can afford without feeling shamed for not having enough money. I know how hard it can be so I created a safe place. Im building something beautiful and still going.