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About the Business

No matter what your organization does or where you work within it, good communication can help you reach your goals and do your job better. Helium Communications is here to bring your good idea to the top.

Tiffany Wolf

Helium Communications founder Tiffany Wolf is a life-long Regina resident who built a career on wielding words and massaging messages with a heap of strategy and a generous dash of fun.  After getting a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from the University of Regina, she ran straight into the arms of the communication and public relations field—quelle horreur! Then she spent a decade..ish working in and around government, including a non-profit advocacy organization, before founding Helium Communications in 2018.  Tiffany’s training and career has given her a skill set a mile wide but far more than an inch deep. She has worked both sides of the journalism/communications relationship and is a certified media trainer, so she knows the best ways to get your story picked up.