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As the owner of a bookkeeping business I have seen business owners take $10,000 and pay off a credit card because the burden of debt is overwhelming, but forgetting that payroll is due next week. I have seen business owners put everything they have into their business financially, emotionally and physically and still not draw a paycheck because they think that is what they are supposed to do. This is why I became a Certified Profit First Professional, because bookkeeping happens in the past, but Profit First gives you the tools to look ahead. Once you understand that every dollar you earn has a purpose, you are free to focus on what you want for your business. I’m Janet with JKM Strategies Inc. and I coach my clients to get and stay financially healthy so they can focus on WHY their business exists instead of HOW it exists.

Janet Mercredi

I’m Janet, a mom of two teenagers, two dogs and a wife to the most wonderful man I know.  I’m on a mission to empower moms running full time businesses to be the moms they want to be the way they want to be without giving up the hobbies that make them happy! And it all starts with cashflow or in other words, telling your business “This is all you get”! I am a Certified Profit First Professional in Saskatoon, SK