About the Business

Karmaburn Yoga is a specialty type of yoga aimed towards elevating women’s physical and mental health that was founded by Krisztina Marki in 2021. Karmaburn Yoga offers an online 6 Week Online Yoga Course for Reducing Stress and Anxiety for Women, a free 5-Day Bedtime Yoga Challenge and other on-demand and live yoga sessions and courses as well as in-person yoga classes in Saskatoon, SK.

Krisztina Marki

Krisztina Marki is a yoga mentor and the founder of Karmaburn Yoga. She works with health-conscious women who want better stress and anxiety management skills to live their everyday life without constant worry. She has guided hundreds of women with yoga practices, mindfulness and meditation and taught them how to calm the busy mind and ease anxiety on the yoga mat and off it. Yoga has been a part of her life for more than 15 years. She has been certified in Hungary, and she teaches a specialty type of Karmaburn Yoga Method, which is specially designed towards women. Her passion is to help other women with deeply rooted feelings of restlessness and endless searching in their lives to deepen the journey within themselves, re-introduce them to their true selves and let their true selves shine through, so that they can be their true selves for themselves and for their family and loved ones.