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1846 Hamilton Street

Regina, SK S4P 2B8

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About the Business

Kendi Boutique is a thoughtfully curated women’s boutique located in downtown Regina on Hamilton Street. In the premier shopping district in the city.
At Kendi Boutique, it has been our mission to share our fashion and style ideas with other women. As an entrepreneur, we invested time and money necessary to learn what our customers like and feel confident in.

This learning is ongoing and ever changing and we look forward to the challenge.

Here at Kendi, we strive to provide the best in current fashion, and quality is everything to us. We understand that our customers are spending their hard-earned money and deserve high-quality products.

We believe that women must be comfortable with what they wear. Fashion is more than clothes. It is an attitude that comes with confidence.

Cristel Mukendi

Cristel Mukendi began as a runway fashion model in Regina & Halifax, progressing to styling and overseeing fashion shoots. Her interests and passion for the industry lead her to pursue a retail outlet by opening an online clothing boutique.

After graduating High school, Cristel relocated to Halifax, Nova Scotia, where she attended college and graduated with a Business & Marketing degree. While attending school, Cristel was also researching for unique suppliers behind the scenes for the future Kendi Boutique.

Cristel Mukendi has always been associated with the women’s fashion industry.

She launched Kendi Boutique as a part-time online business while holding a full-time position. In 2019, her passion drove her to take on Kendi Boutique as her full-time career. Cristel opened a small second-level studio located in downtown Regina. In 2020, Cristel relocated to a retail storefront location on Hamilton Street.

She continues to scour the world to find treasures that will be well received both by her digital and in-person customers. She is committed to sourcing the best in fashion, quality, and price.

She is weathering the pandemic lockdown and looks forward to the day when she can look her customers in the eye ‘sans’ mask.