About the Business

Lip Republic is a small business based out of Regina, SK. We love being a specialized company mixing lip colours for all. It is our mission to help all people harness their inner power and celebrate their individuality. We endeavour to challenge beauty standards and elevate lives by building a community who value the power that comes with wearing a great lip colour. We are proud to be an inclusive, BIPOC + Canadian + woman-owned business

Jennifer Uy

Jennifer Uy is a Regina entrepreneur with two beauty businesses – one as a cosmetic tattoo artist offering eyebrow permanent makeup (PMU) services, and second, the founder of Lip Republic Inc.    Born and raised in Regina, SK, Jennifer grew up loving makeup, always finding a reason to put on her mom’s lipsticks whether it was for dance or just for fun. She completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with a specialization in human resources. Jennifer built her work experience over the next decade with corporations such as SaskPower and Great West Life. The opportunity to obtain PMU training presented itself to her as a PMU client, which ultimately became a turning point in her career. In 2018, she started her PMU career training in Regina while continuing to work full-time in the corporate world. She continued her PMU journey with additional training in Calgary, AB later that year. In 2019, a year and a half into her PMU career as well as nearing her 10th year anniversary with her employer at the time, Jennifer made the grand decision to pull the plug on her corporate life and pursue beauty full-time.     The next chapter in Jennifer’s story was the incorporation of Lip Republic in 2019. Leaving a comfortable, steady paying job to pursue the ups and downs of entrepreneurship was a major decision that Jennifer does not regret and has not looked back since. She is eager to scale her business with the support of her community and professional network.