About the Business

Madlen Dance Show is the new small business in Saskatoon. So far we have opened only one class – Fitness Dance Class for Adults.
Performance of such rhythmic exercises is aimed at reducing weight, improving health, developing and strengthening muscles, forming a beautiful figure and just having an interesting time!

Fall in love with the rhythm
Like yourself through dance
Enjoy the music
Every Monday and Friday at 6.30

First session is for FREE!

Mahdalyna Marushka

Hello! My name is Magdalena and I’m from Ukraine.

I am a professional dancer, highly qualified choreographer with more than 15 years of work experience. Also, I’m official Zumba Instructor.

Now, I live in Saskatoon and teach dance and fitness.

I treat people with music, body plasticity and the feeling of this synthesis.

Let’s try to enjoy my class!