About the Business

Wordsmiths, content architects, strategists. Magpie works with agriculture-based businesses across Canada to provide thoughtful content, powerful strategy and creative direction to all marketing activities.

Partners Kim Kennett, Jean Clavelle and Serra McSymytz work closely together to use our complementary and individual strengths, educations and professional experience in a synergistic manner. We produce thought-provoking, carefully crafted information that creates results.

What sets Magpie apart from other communications firms is our understanding of – and passion for – agriculture. We both care deeply about the future of agriculture in Saskatchewan and across the country.

Serra McSymatz (Partner), Jean Clavelle (Founder, Partner), Kim Kennett (Founder, Partner)

We offer marketing content and strategy built on persuasive language, creative perspective and integrated sales tools to help you meet your goals. Our mission is to articulate your brand, product or service and give you a competitive advantage for increased growth and profits.