About the Business

memoryKPR is a digital storytelling platform and application that allows you to save, store, design, protect, and tell your story. We are a 100% female-owned, technology company that is focused on ensuring your stories are captured and preserved digitally in a meaningful way.

We at memoryKPR (pronounced memory keeper) know it is a privilege to be a part of your story which is why privacy and security are so important to us. We ensure you control the narrative of your story, you also decide who contributes, whom you want it shared with when you want it shared. You’re the memory maker, we are your memory keeper.

Jessica McNaughton

She comes from a long line of entrepreneurs and is a natural in this space! She has spent the last 20 years working in corporate Canada and has most recently worked as a senior HR Executive in the financial industry. When creating memoryKPR, she utilized her creativity, determination, and passion for preserving memories.