About the Business

Modern ADR provides a full spectrum of third-party dispute resolution services, including neutral evaluation services, investigations, mediation, arbitration, conflict coaching, and workplace restoration.

We work with businesses and organizations to design dispute resolution systems by developing frameworks, policies, and procedures relating to contract and employment disputes, and providing organizational reviews to highlight, analyze, and problem solve institutional conflict.

Modern ADR is recognized by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Justice as Family Mediator as defined by the Section 44.01 of The Queen’s Bench Act, 1998 and Parenting Co-Ordinator as defined by The Children’s Law Regulations, 1998 as well as a Gladue Report Writer for Section 718.2 of the Criminal Code.

Ambrosia Varaschin

Ambrosia Varaschin is an internationally recognized arbitrator, mediator, neutral investigator, and negotiation specialist. She is the principal for her dispute resolution firm, Modern ADR which prides itself on streamlined processes, disciplined case management protocols, cost-controlled solutions for expedited disputes, and maintaining personable relationships while maximizing technological efficiencies. Ms. Varaschin is proud to be the first Saskatchewan resident appointed to an international trade council, serving as a subcommittee Co-Chair for the CUSMA Private Commercial Disputes Advisory Committee, as well as a member of the ICC Commission on Arbitration & ADR with the International Court of Arbitration. She is an inaugural member of the first arbitration roster in the world focusing on Canadian-MENA international disputes with Wasel & Wasel. Her arbitration practice specializes in trade relations and commercial disputes, specifically in the technology and life sciences industries, and her domestice practice has a special interest in serving the SMB/SME market for commercial contract and real estate matters. Ambrosia hears misconduct and malpractice cases on disciplinary tribunals, as well as labour grievances, harassment, professional misconduct, and workplace incident files for all levels of government, multinational natural resource and energy corporations, labour relations organizations, and professional associations. She conducts workplace investigations regarding allegations of negligence, misconduct, malpractice, harassment, workplace violence, near-misses, and incidents, and provides comprehensive employee and management training to reduce and prevent conflict in the workplace. She has recently been nominated to join the Military Police Complaints Commission in this regard. Ms. Varaschin’s secondary practice focusses on complex, high conflict, or high net-worth family matters, including separation and divorce, adoption and surrogacy, elder care and estate management, and family-owned commercial transitions and dissolutions. She was one of the first practitioners recognized by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Justice as a family mediator and parenting coordinator and is one of the few practitioners in Saskatchewan licensed to provide the New Ways for Families and New Ways for Life training and programming from the High Conflict Institute.