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Northern Vigor Berries Inc.

Food & Beverage

Phone: 306-955-2319



1822 Kenderdine Road

Saskatoon, SK S7N 4K3

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Website: www.nvigorate.ca

About the Business

Northern Vigor Berries
“Promoting healthy lifestyles with the best of nature”

Passion, belief, enthusiasm, dedication, not being afraid to venture out into the unknown and love founded our seabuckthorn orchard in 1998. In 2007, the business was incorporated as Northern Vigor Berries Inc.

Although very known as a superfruit and immune system booster in other parts of the world, customers were unsure of how to use seabuckthorn, so in 2009 we began making value-added products. We chose the brand name of ‘nvigorate’ for those products because we felt that it represented both seabuckthorn and the value customers received. From our organically certified orchard, we offer a wide variety of products focused on health, beauty, vitality and fun ranging from just berries and dried leaves (for tea) to vinegars, fruit leather, syrups, spreads and chocolates, to name a few. If you haven’t tried it yet, the gelato is to die for! For more information on seabuckthorn and for recipes, check out our website: www.nvigorate.ca

Betty Forbes

Betty loves learning and after receiving her Bachelor of Education from the University of Saskatchewan with a major in Mathematics and minor in Economics she continued studies in education, health, aspects of medicine and business. Betty’s experience is broad and encompasses teaching, course development, sales, marketing, writing, training and management. Upon leaving the teaching profession, Betty incorporated Northern Vigor Berries and has served as CEO and President since 2007. She has been instrumental in raising awareness of seabuckthorn as well as in developing innovative seabuckthorn products for the marketplace. She has served on fruit and processor boards and now serves on the board for the Herb, Spice and Specialty Ag Association Betty has been supportive of seabuckthorn growers in the prairie provinces by providing workshops and training. Through meetings and conferences, she remains connected with the international seabuckthorn community of growers, scientists and entrepreneurs.