About the Business

OrganicTan is a specially formulated airbrushing solution that will offer instant gratifcation to your skin. Packed full of organic, skin nourshing ingredients, OrganicTan will help camoflage unpleasant stretch marks, acne, and cellulite.
OrganicTan guarantees a flawless rich brown tan everytime leaving your skin feeling hydrating and looking luminous.
Our technique & solution has been perfected to ensure a natural, even brown tan every time!

Larissa Varty

My journey with OrganicTan Saskatoon started in 2016. I was consistently going for SprayTans at OrganicTan already and was absolutely loving it. No matter the occasion that was my go-to. Not my hair, nails or lashes but I always was looking to have that glow (probably something to do with being Italian). Low and behold during one of those wonderful appointments I was approached with “Hey I’m selling, how do you feel about buying the place?!” Not exactly what a 25 year-old was planning on hearing. I had a full-time job that I loved and was absolutely thrown for a loop. The entrepreneur in me ended up taking a leap of faith. I dived in and here we are, years later and thousands of SprayTan appointments done absolutely loving it. Small catch – I did end up going back to my full-time job so I currently juggle both and I could not imagine my life without either one of them. Over 6 years later and officially a SunnaTan Certified Trainer my love for helping clients feel beautiful and great about themselves drives me forward every single day. I truly open my studio with an open heart, a smile and forever a judgement free zone. The connections I have made truly make it feel like a second home. My passion is to help each and every one of my clients to feel like their authentic, beautiful selves while providing the very best customer service experience.