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Painfully Pretty Tattoos

Hair & Esthetics & Tattooing

Phone: 306-850-6151



115 3 Avenue SouthGet Directions,
Saskatoon, SK S7K 1L6

Website: painfullyprettytattoos.com/

About the Business

Painfully Pretty Tattoos is female owned, LGBTQ+ friendly, body positive, safe space studio. Penny, Nik and lacey strive to provide clean, quality tattoos in a Safe and comfortable environment for all.

Penny Desborough

This is Penny Pain! Penny has been tattooing full time since march 2016, and for the past 2 years has been working out of her private studio. As of 2021 Painfully Pretty Tattoos has opened its doors and is now home to Penny as well as 2 other strong, talented women, Lacey and Nicole.

Penny does lots of big black and grey work, floral things, pretty things and dead things! Recently she has been trying to include more lady faces, ornamental work and colour in her pieces, and is always excited to include extra touches like an intricate mandala or a sparkling gem to spruce up an idea!