About the Business

Pathfinder is a digital marketplace, where the needs of small tourism businesses and tourism seeking customers, are at the core of its design. By harnessing the collective benefits of an interactive marketplace, a dynamic suite of features and tools, and an algorithm-free environment, Pathfinder is positioned to become the most influential digital aggregation hub for the micro-tourism community. Pathfinder will enhance the ease of connectivity between tourism businesses and their customers, and over time, will improve the tourism industry’s stability, and enhance the future-proofing of this critical sector.

• Pathfinder is designed with the needs of small tourism businesses at its core; where every business will have an equal opportunity to showcase their products and services, without the interference of popularity/financially-influenced algorithms.

• Travelers will also experience the benefits of an algorithm-free platform, and will have full control of their exploration journey. On Pathfinder’s interactive digital atlas, Travelers can explore a wide variety of travel, activity, entertainment and accommodation options, and will be able to purchase many of these directly through the platform.

Conor Phillips

Hello! My name is Conor Phillips. I’m an innovator, creative problem solver, passionate communicator, and aspirant serial-entrepreneur. When I grow up, I want to be just like Sir Richard Branson. I currently own and operate a small vending machine business, Fuel2Go Vending, which is focused on the promotion of healthy, local and sustainable snacks and drinks, as well as service excellence. I’m also in the process of launching a tech startup, called Pathfinder 365, an interactive software platform, with the goal of connecting tourism-related businesses with tourism-seeking customers. When I’m not thinking about problems that need solving and businesses that need building, I’m usually biking, petting a stranger’s dog, spending time with family and friends, or tackling a home project of some kind (which yes, is usually solving some sort of problem, lol). I garden too. Last year I grew zucchini again, and the bushes were so big I named them The General and its Lieutenants. I begged their pardon before plucking the fruit, lest I offend them, and they retaliated. I’m also a long-time student of Muay Thai Kickboxing and Kali, which is the Filipino art of stick and knife fighting. Our motto is, you might get cut, but at least you won’t get stabbed!! I also thoroughly enjoy kayaking, badminton, and horseback riding. Did you know that the smell of horses is therapeutic?