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About the Business

Time and again, people leave training sessions motivated, but within days, manuals are left collecting dust and people continue doing things the same old ways. People don’t often apply learned skills on the job.

This problem is frustrating because it costs organizations an incredible amount of time and money. And, most important, people are losing opportunities to develop their full potential.

Our founder, Koreen Mak, felt there had to be a better way for people to learn and genuinely change their behaviours. She was determined to find a way to bring training to employees in a way that integrates it into their daily work lives, allowing them to effectively practice their new skills on the job.

The MYNTIX™ mobile micro-learning platform is our solution to this problem.

Koreen Mak

Koreen is Founder & CEO of Peppermint Technologies Inc.™, the developer of the MYNTIX™ Mobile Micro-learning Platform. She is an experienced and accomplished leader in corporate learning and development, having managed the learning and development function for an organization of 900 employees for almost 10 years. She brings a wealth of knowledge regarding training design, development, and using digital technology to enhance learning.