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About the Business

Thoughtful, sustainable, quality design.

At Phelan Frances, the focus is on a full-scale interior design service from concept to completion. Whether you are renovating an existing home, building a new house, updating your office, or opening a retail storefront, my extensive interior design service will help you achieve a thoughtful, sophisticated, and personal environment. My design process is tailored to capture your needs and desires wherever you live, work, or play.

Emma Williams

Saskatoon-based designer Emma Williams began her career as a visual artist, drawn to the endless possibilities of form, light, colour, line and texture. Over the years she’s found herself gravitating towards the interior spaces of Architecture and Interior Design. Her fascination with human behaviour and the psychology of how people live, work and play led her to complete a Masters of Interior Architecture and Design at the Academy of Art University, San Francisco.   Emma believes true design goes beyond what we see — it is also how we feel. It is an expression of all that we are as people, as a society, and as human beings. Through spending time in nature, travelling around the world, raising her children, listening to music, eating great food, spending late nights in the studio and having great conversations with friends, Emma has had an array of experiences that influence her every design expression. Each project is a journey and she loves the relationships she creates along the way; her clients, in turn, enjoy her unique process and ability to bring their spaces to life.