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About the Business

Hello! I am the sole proprietor and employee (so far) of Pickle & Bee Natural Products in Regina, Saskatchewan. I am a mom of three girls, nurse, and breast cancer survivor who started this company because during my search for natural products. I make safe, simple, but effective personal care products for the whole family. I am proud to be a woman entrepreneur and I love that my three daughters believe that they can do anything when they grow up!

Liz MacDougall

I’m Liz. I started Pickle & Bee after one of the most difficult times our family has been through, and since then my dream has been to provide families like yours, with safe and natural products. In 2016 we had just welcomed our third daughter into our family, and a few short weeks later I found a lump in my breast. For a few months I wrote it off as something related to nursing a baby, but it continued to grow so I went to my doctor. After several weeks of tests and appointments, as my baby turned 5 months old, we got the news that I had an aggressive form of breast cancer. We were devastated, and our whole lives were turned upside down. Anyone who has been through cancer knows that the treatment regime is gruelling, but I was determined to stay around and did everything my oncologist suggested. He had a very holistic approach and along with chemo, radiation and surgery – he also told me about some changes I could make in my life to help prevent the cancer from recurring. Healthy diet, exercise, stress management, as well as reducing or eliminating harmful chemicals in my environment.

These were all correlated with better outcomes for women like me, and I started implementing these changes immediately. It was a LOT of learning – but I also has three little girls to worry about, and I wanted to make those changes for them as well. While I was searching for better alternatives for deodorants and other personal care items, I was pleasantly surprised to find that there were many choices! Until I started trying them. The ones I found were either extremely hard and tough on the skin, had weird scents that I didn’t like, or they just straight up did NOT work! I did find some that worked ok, but once I discovered they didn’t use organic ingredients, I was disappointed. Why make a natural product, and then use ingredients saturated with pesticides? It didn’t make any sense to me.I started making my own deodorant, and after a few months, I had perfected it! I had made a deodorant balm with all-natural, certified organic ingredients, that had a beautiful smooth and creamy consistency. And best of all… IT WORKED!

I soon had friends and family asking me to make some for them, and as word started to spread I was suddenly making small batches every week. I wanted to start sharing my natural products with other families just like yours, and this is how Pickle & Bee Natural Products came to be. At Pickle & Bee we are committed to making all of the personal care products you love, with fewer and simpler organic ingredients, and delightful scents made with blends of essential oils rather than synthetic fragrances. I am so glad you found us, and I am confident that we make the best natural products out there! Thank you for supporting this small family business, and our dream of providing safer, natural products for you and your whole family.