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Italian tradition, Saskatchewan grains, Natural Wine

Christie Peters

Christie Peters was born and raised in a Saskatoon, Sk. At the age of 19 she left home to begin a career as an international model. While living and working in Toronto, she developed a love of the food and restaurant world. After deciding she needed to gain a practical skill which would serve her throughout her life, she decided to enter the culinary world. Christie moved to Vancouver where she developed her culinary skills by training under numerous chefs. Throughout her career she has travelled to work in kitchens in San Francisco, Amsterdam and has just recently returned from Noma in Denmark. Christie’s goal was always to return to her hometown with the knowledge she has learned abroad. In 2010 she left Vancouver to open her first restaurant, shortly followed by a second called Primal. She came to own Primal when she realized that Saskatchewan is the “bread basket of the world” and grows most of the worlds grain. She felt the best way to showcase Saskatchewan would be through a pasta restaurant making handmade pasta out of the durum wheat that grows in the province. Sustainability has always been a driving force in Christie’s career, as well as working with the seasons and ingredients that her home province of Saskatchewan provides. Her restaurants harken to an earlier time when there was a “waste not, want not” sensibility. Every part of the vegetable is used, the compost goes back into the gardens, the leftover animal fat gets made into soap. The motto of her restaurant is “High Quality, Seasonal, Sustainable” and these words are carried through in every aspect of how the business is run. Christie Peters is the chef and owner of Primal Pasta in Saskatoon.