About the Business

Pure Strategy’s proprietary cognitive technology, ANIE (Automated Neural Intelligence Engine), helps organizations make use of large volumes of data about their customers and market. The platform has four modules: Prediction and Recommendation, Uncovering Emergent Patterns, Choice Modelling, and Natural Language Understanding.

We provide expert consulting with technology teams on artificial intelligence, machine learning and data analytics, including model building, data governance, digital transformation and investing due diligence.

We also provide education, media creation and training on technology trends, data science, machine learning and AI.

Briana Brownell

Briana Brownell is a data scientist turned tech entrepreneur, investor, futurist and innovator. Widely considered a visionary technologist, she is a frequent keynote speaker, expert and author, known for making highly technical topics accessible to non-experts, as well as leading a thoughtful technical discussion on the science behind AI. She has published more than a dozen academic papers, spoken at conferences around the world, been interviewed and profiled by top media outlets, created evidence-based policy research for government and non-profit organizations, and given guest lectures at numerous colleges and universities. She is an active member of the leadership community and is currently involved with the Standards Council of Canada, CIO Strategy Council, Canadian Research Insights Council and is an Ambassador for the Center for Open Science. Brownell was named as VentureBeat’s AI Entrepreneur of the Year in 2021, as one of Authority Magazine’s Top Women Leaders in AI, was a finalist for the YWCA Women of Distinction Award in Research and Technology, and was featured as one of Innovation Saskatchewan’s Entrepreneurship Success Stories, and won Evolocity’s Women Founders Grant at StartUp Canada on the Hill.