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About the Business

Many turn to Sheila when they’re experiencing pain mentally, emotionally or physically. Relatefully is about journeying inside yourself to heal and resolve the problems that surface in everyday life relationships of all kinds. Whether you’re struggling, fighting, dealing with conflict, stress or upset this is for you. You’re guided towards gaining awareness of what’s going on inside in relation to what’s happening outside of you. Experience empowering changes in your thoughts, emotions and physical body. The result is you bring your best self to everything you do and every relationship you have.

Sheila Unique

Sheila Unique is the Relationship Renovator, Medical Intuitive and Transformational Healer whose incredible insights bring relief quickly and easily without the long struggle of therapy and counseling. Sheila helps people build authentic relationships from the inside out. A #1 International Best-Selling Author, Award-Winning Speaker and Educator, she has helped tens of thousands of people resolve the unrest they feel inside and establish a strong relationship with the most important person in their lives—themselves. Sheila shares her mission at Relatefully.com through her products, programs and services. Contact her at sheila@relatefully.com and visit her website: www.Relatefully.com