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About the Business

A trichology wellness business, specializing in the disorders of the scalp and the hair as well as specializes in hair loss. Providing appointments that are private and confidential.

Jackie Olsen

Jackie is a Trichologist, a paramedical professional that specializes in the conditions, disorders and diseases of the scalp and the hair, including hair loss. She provides solutions for your scalp and hair concerns, including the expertise to regrow hair. Jackie is South East Saskatchewan’s first Certified Clinical Trichologist. She holds Advanced Trichology Certifications, including additional Holistic Trichology Certifications. Jackie holds a diploma for Diet & Nutrition and has a background in Certified Organic Regenerative Farming. Jackie Operates a private clinic space, Rooted Trichology Clinic, nestled in the prairies of Saskatchewan. Where she offers appointments, in clinic testing, as well as state of the art scalp and hair treatments, which are custom curated for each patients specific scalp and/or hair needs. Providing preventative measure as well as aiding in your scalp and hair recovery, focusing on the root cause. Jackie’s background in organic farming allows her to truly understand the importance of nutritional value. She takes a holistic approach in her practice, and she continuously upgrades her education. Giving you the proper assessment to provide you with solutions as well as on going care and support.